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Does your small business or organization really need a website?

Are you thinking that your business or club or organization is too small to have a website?

Here are some reasons why you should consider a website:

1. Your competition probably has a website! Today we find a lot of our services through the internet.  If people can`t find you, how much business have you lost? Have you ever gone to a search engine to find a business online before you contacted them?

2. Websites educate your customers. A list of services or products you offer on your website will answer questions of potential clientele.  Potential customers want to learn about products or services and compare with other companies before making a decision.  Having a website allows people to do this, making it easier to turn your attention to your regular customers.  

3. Your ad is available 24/7. Your advertising is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You are accessible to potential clientele not only in your town, but also a website opens up the business to reach a wider market from all over the globe.   Newspapers cannot compete with this type of advertising.

4.  You increase your credibility and branding. Your customers expect you to have a website--a professional website! A well executed and informational website gives you the credibility that makes customers feel willing to do business with you.  A website allows businesses and organizations to be in constant communication with clients.  A great website has the details of a business which allows clients to access them easily in one place to know what your business offers. 

5. Your club or organization needs more advertising.  A good website can promote your club and is important for its growth. Does your club just need some basic information to let others know you group is out there? Did you also know a website can allow your members and supporters to be updated on club events, registration for new membership, newsletters, and more?

Let`s Get Graphic assists your small to medium sized business to develop a small website which meets the needs for you and your clientele.  Don`t have time to update your website?  Let`s Get Graphic will maintain your website to keep up with the changes your business or club has to offer.

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